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Swati S. Mukherjee, an expert in the realm of education and migration, has been making significant strides as the Managing Director of Cognos Global Pty Ltd and has an extensive career spanning over a decade.


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My Story

Underpinned by a solid academic foundation with degrees in Masters in Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Migration and Law Practices, and a Master of Business Administration, Swati’s area of specialization lies in career counseling and education consultation.

Her profound insights and guidance have illuminated the path for more than 1000 clients hailing from India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

What sets Swati apart is her unwavering commitment to providing holistic services to her global clientele. From the intricate visa application process to navigating the labyrinth of permanent residency procedures, she envisions a seamless journey for her Global Clientele. Her approach revolves around offering a comprehensive platform, a true one-stop-shop experience encompassing every aspect of the education and migration process.

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